Council Camporee

Council Camporee

The Camporee is going to have more of a Jamboree feel to it than a traditional Camporee. Scouts will have the opportunity to compete in some activities that one would see at a camporee, but we will have 6 different program areas from which you can choose to participate. These areas are going to be staffed by Scouts and Scouters, as well as experts in each of the fields.

  1. Sustainability – Our sustainability area will use adventure and hands on learning to explore the environment and our impact on the environment around us. Scouts will get to work directly on alternative energy sources, wildlife management, how to create a sustainable community, and the 3-Rs.
  2. STEM – You will see camp in a whole new way when you start to investigate the “why and how” behind camp. Scouts will explore cutting edge scientific principles, while also getting to learn the science behind programs such as blacksmithing, archery, and climbing.
  3. Shooting Sports – Come to the shooting sports area to shoot traditional activities like rifle, shotgun, and archery. Stay longer and work on your marksmanship program. Ready for the next level- take part in the biathlon. A combination of speed and accuracy.
  4. Aquatics – Participants will have the opportunity to canoe, row, and kayak around the pond. Want to try something different, take out one of the paddleboards or round boards.
  5. Scout Skills – It would not be a camporee without scout skills. Test your knowledge with knots, lashings, orienteering, and geocaching. Come ready to try something new to eat in our outdoor cooking area. Perhaps you want to see how high you can climb in the climbing area.
  6. Emergency Prep – The motto of the Scouts is “Be Prepared” and this area will help you in your preparation. Activities will be interactive and hands on, where you learn and participate in emergency preparedness drills and activities.

Plus we will have some traditional camporee activities spread out for patrols to take part in.

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