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Groups & Organizations

Are you looking for a place to host an event or experience for your group or organization? Look no further! T.L. Storer is the perfect place to have your event. We have hosted events and provided programming for schools, homeschool groups, businesses, scout troops, churches and nonprofits. Our facilities and staff are well equipped to provide a wide range of activities and experiences. We can host field trips, workshops, educational programs, retreats, and more.  Please reach out and let us know what you are looking for. We are excited to help you plan your groups next adventure!

scout troops

Are you looking for an adventure for your Scout Troop? T.L. Storer offers opportunities for Scouts of all ages. Plan your own program or utilize one of ours. Our programs are designed to help scouts advance in their ranks and experiences.  If you would like us to host or facilitate a specific adventure for your troop, please let us know!

School Groups

Bring your class or homeschool group to T.L. Storer! We provide one of a kind educational and exploration experiences. Plan a day long field trip or a multi-day learning adventure. We can provide a customized program and activities for your group or we can simply provide the facility and you can execute your own program. 


T.L. Storer is the perfect place to bring your team for a productive day out of the office. Whether you are wanting a corporate retreat or an experience built to enhance team building, leadership development, or creative thinking, we can help. Plan a day or a multi-day adventure that will have a positive impact on your team and your business.

Church & NonProfit

If you are a church or a nonprofit, T.L. Storer is the perfect place to host your next event. Whether it is a retreat, youth event, training seminar or workshop, we have you covered thanks to our unique setting, facilities, and amenities. Don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know what type of experience or activity you are looking for. 

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