Mid-Summer Update

Jul 31, 2022 | News

Message From The Mayor

It has been a busy summer here so far at T.L. Storer. After we completed our first rounds of school field trips, we hosted a Scouts BSA Rifle Weekend that saw 16 Scouts earn Merit Badges and 9 more successfully complete the NRA Basic Rifle Course.  We have also completed 2 Gun Safety Seminars for 25 kids and 5 First Steps Orientation for 61 Participants ages 10 and up.  June also saw us partner with Troop 43 to host a community pinewood derby, watch for this to become an annual event here at TL Storer.  We also hosted the June OA Induction with the Pennacook Lodge, during the ordeal the candidates built wheeled target stands for archery, repainted the fence at the waterfront, rebuilt the tomahawk range and painted the Goose Lodge.

Rolling into July we are in the midst of hosting our 4 week Summer Enrichment program for two local public schools, our staff are running programs such as Conservation, Wilderness Survival, Shooting Sports, Nature Fun, COPE/Climbing, Horsemanship and Watercraft.  While the participants aren’t all Scouts they will be getting a taste of what the Scouting program is all about. 
In August we have a quite a bit happening here we will start the month with two events specific for girls a skills day on August 6th and then we have an outdoor skills overnight camp for girls  Aug 8-11th.  Also in August we have the Scuba Trek and Kodiak Trek with NEBC.

Winterization Program

On August 6th we have a work day scheduled for the Westwood Lodge, we will be converting this building into a year round facility with two sides each with sleeping accommodations for up to 20, in a layout that allows boys, girls and adults.  Over the last few months we have been running program that includes the demonstration of a portable sawmill, as a result we have been accumulating lumber for this project, On July 27th we will have another Sawmill demonstration as part of our Summer Enrichment conservation program.  The current working names for the 2 sides are Parker Mountain and Massasoit as we look to preserve the history of our Scout Camps.  If you cant make the work weekends but would like to support this effort financially you can do so here.

Did You Know?

T.L. Storer is currently the largest private employer in Barnstead, NH our paid staff are a mix of local students from our surrounding schools and our partnership with those schools even has a few taking the bus to and from work each day.  It has been amazing to us to see our staff flourish in their leadership roles.

Merit Badges at T.L. Storer

Did you know that you can work on Merit Badges here at T.L. Storer, or finish up some partials.  Let us know what you are interested in working on and we can work together to schedule a counselor to be here and help your Troop earn their merit badge, remember TL Storer is a Spirit of Adventure Council camp and we probably have just what you need to Put the Spirit in Your Adventure just CONTACT US.